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Product’s chemical safety assessment

In International trading, buyers would pay much more attention to product’s quality and safety. Product compliance becomes a very important key to open the door of business deal for manufacture industry. However, Product compliance often brings huge cost, workload and makes few effects. A famous tool manufacturer in China, cost five million per year on lab testing, but still need to face product recalls.

Nanjing CIRS provides professional product’s chemical safety assessment service, helps you to make effective management for your product’s chemical safety. The assessment will be based on your product’s BOM(bill of material) and CIRS regulation/material/lab databases, we will give a basic conclusion on which hazardous substances may exist in your raw materials or outsourcing parts, and the possibility of this risk. For more, we will give reasonable testing plan to minimize your testing cost and promote your compliance efficiency.

Service advantage

  • Regulation database

    Regulation database

    More 100 global environmental and chemical safety related regulations.

    Almost all the industries and areas banned or restricted hazardous substances lists

    Product‘s chemical regulation compliance assessment is based on authentic databases.

  • Material database

    Material database

    The world's main industrialized countries’ national standards and industrial standards: metal name/brand and its composition.

    Tens of thousands of kinds of common raw materials’ formula including plastics, rubbers, paints, sealants, adhesives and surface treatment.

    Product’s hazardous substance control system is based on authentic databases.

  • Lab statistics

    Lab statistics

    We will provide you 3 years of CIRS lab statistics and you can find connection between risky material and the hazardous substances.


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