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Regulatory Consultancy Service

Chemicals have been widely and largely used since the 20’, especially after World War II. With the manufacturing, using and abandoning of the various products, chemicals are playing a more and more important role on human health and environment. The environmental crisis has pushed many governments and international organizations into establishing compulsive regulations to strength the chemicals and products management, intervene the behaviors which may bring damage to the resources and environment.It has become the social responsibility for most companies to comply with the regulations, manage the hazardous substances in products and provide green products for consumers.

Nanjing CIRS provides global chemical regulation consultancy service and article compliance solutions for Industries like electronic appliance, textile, automobile, food contact material, toy, etc.. CIRS has won the great support of the government worldwide and been in a good cooperative relationship with partners and associations.

Regulation impact analysis

Nanjing CIRS will collect and analyze the environmental and chemical regulations, directives, industry standards and customers’ requirements according to industry, supply chain, product type and destination region of customers, and generate regulation impact analysis report.

Regulation decipherment

CIRS will summarize relevant environmental and chemical regulations, offer decipherment report. The report includes regulation introduction, decipherment on regulation articles, suggestions on companies’ responsibilities and obligations, FAQs and case study.

Regulation tracking

CIRS is going to track and decipher the updating environmental and chemical regulations and offer tracking report, which contains the explanation of updating contents, impacts for your product type and compliance suggestions.

Regulation training

CIRS provides customized regulation training service, to help your employee make full understanding of regulation obligations and buyers requirements.

Article legal representative

CIRS will act as your only article legal representative, providing professional environmental and chemical safety regulation consulting service and take charge of all the regulation affairs for your company.


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