ECBOS-Mixture Compliance Management System

ECBOS is a Mixture compliance management for Chemical Inventory Search,
Hazardous substance inspection, mixture classification, GHS labelling and automatically SDS authoring.
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ECBOS is an office software focusing on chemical/mixture safety and compliance management. Users can, based on the formula of their product, conduct a series of compliance checks such as chemical inventory search and restricted substances inspection. Besides, the core function of ECBOS is the self-help mode of SDS and Label authoring, and cloud storage of documents and data. ECBOS also integrates some typical EHS workflows so that even small companies can introduce a standardized workflow in terms of chemical/mixture safety management.


ECBOS Function

Formula management

Formula management is the basic functional module of ECBOS system. This module allows you to create, save, submit and audit on cloud in a more convenient way with a higher working efficiency.

Global chemical inventory search

ECBOS system contains 11 standard chemical inventories from countries in the worldwide. System user can search out if any component substance in their formula is recorded in the selected chemical inventories.s

Supply chain compliance information management

Test reports from suppliers are important compliance evidence. ECBOS allows users to upload, save, submit and audit outsourcing material’s Test report, Declaration of compliance and Safety data sheet… ECBOS has also developed standard test data submission model and this could provide users with a more direct view to better understand the test result.

Hazardous substance inspection

ECBOS system contains 5 standard restricted substance lists from relevant EU chemical regulations. System users can inspect out if any component substance in their formula is restricted by regulations. For more, Users can also request customized and additional RSLs for their specific needs.

Mixture GHS classification

After selecting certain GHS rule by user, system can calculate hazardous classification for the entire mixture based on its ingredients’ harmonized classification under that GHS regulation.

Labelling for Mixture

Based on mixture classification result, ECBOS system provides user with standard label template and help to create GHS compliant label.

SDS authoring

Based on mixture classification result, ECBOS system provides user with standard SDS template, after inputting some essential info, users will be able to generate a GHS compliant SDS automatically. ECBOS system also allows to do some modification and upgrade to the existing SDS.

SDS cloud

ECBOS provides SDS cloud service, users can upload, save and manage their own SDS document online in the system to achieve a better management efficiency. Besides, ECBOS system can also help with other documentation management, for instance: Declaration of Compliance, Test reports…

EHS workflow

Industry existing EHS workflow can be integrated into ECBOS system, it will found company-user different system accounts varied in roles and functions, which could make the EHS workflow more informative and transparent.



  CIRS professional background

CIRS was found in 2007,now shares 70% of Chinese product safety and regulatory compliance consulting market. ECBOS system, launched in 2016, is the very first system in China designed exclusively for Mixture compliance management. It is built with 10-year-experience of chemical compliance in CIRS R&D center, the calculation logic of mixture classification is carefully justified by CIRS expert team and worthy of trust.

  Standardization and customization

ECBOS provides companies with standard mixture compliance management model, clients could also raise up any system customization suggestion which can meet their specialty and industry practice. The roled ECBOS will be made available accordingly by CIRS IT support team so that to serve better in specialized field.

  Reduce compliance cost

Traditional way of compliance costs much in terms of manpower, time and financial cost, especially in hazardous substance lab testing and SDS authoring. ECBOS system provides self-directed service in creating compliant Label and SDS, it not only helps to cut down the cost but also makes relevant people more professional in terms of chemical regulations.

  More than system

CIRS has a team of more than 200 global specialists in chemical regulations, we provide services including not only IT system, but also regulatory compliance consulting, training and we welcome more cooperation in many other related fields.


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