HENZ system provides industries with standardized compliance management platform for product hazardous substances control. Three HENZ databases on substances, materials and regulations, help users to create, save and analyze their products data in an effective and accurate manner. Highly configurable user-interface and dedicated workflow make HENZ be much closer to factory practices. User will never worry about the data communication between HENZ and their ERP system, because the data in HENZ is well organized and adaptable to most of formats. HENZ is actually a highly efficient software for full substance declaration / full material disclosure.

HENZ has developed two sets of full substance declaration / full material disclosure modules for EEE and Toy industry according to their different compliance documentation requirement and product data specification. Users can additionally raise up any adjustment request from their own practices, HENZ will always like to meet with these local and specific needs. If you are not from sectors of EEE or Toy, never be hesitate to contact us. Talk to us and your needs will come out as your reasonable solution via HENZ.

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HENZ  Function

Full substances declaration

Full Substances Declaration(FSD) is the basic functional module of HENZ system. FSD could provide us with clear picture of product's structure and chemical composition of raw materials and could let us reject hazardous substances from the very beginning, we can therefore make initiative and precautionary response to ever increasing global regulated substances to achieve effective HSF.

Supply chain compliance information management

Test reports from suppliers are important compliance evidence. HENZ allows users to upload, save, submit and audit outsourcing material’s Test report, Explosive view, Declaration of compliance and Safety data sheet… HENZ has also developed standard test data submission model and this could provide users with a more direct view to better understand the test result.

Product chemical safety assessment

HENZ database contains most of the EU/US restricted substance lists(RSL) from relevant chemical regulations. Users can run chemical safety assessment to find if any restricted substance exists in their product and then learn relevant restriction details from assessment report. For more, HENZ system accepts configurable RSL, so customized chemical safety assessment is available.

Hazardous substance free system foundation

HENZ solution can help to build Hazardous Substance Free(HSF) system for compliance management in terms of REACH、RoHS... and a Full Substances Declaration ability Certificate will be issued accordingly. Green product management system plays crucial role in globalization, HENZ solution will help clients to prepare further than: Chemical management policy, Product full substance database, Product compliance documentation, Test program.

HENZ  Value

  • CIRS professional background

    CIRS was found in 2007,now shares 70% of Chinese product safety and regulatory compliance consulting market. HENZ system, launched in 2011, serves as the first Chinese Full Substances Declaration(FSD) tool, more than 1000 manufacturers apply HENZ to submit product data to their EU buyers. HENZ knows well about Chinese factories' ability gap to prepare qualified datasheet and could provide pointed guidance to help to achieve FSD.

  • Standardization and customization

    HENZ provides companies with standard full substances declaration model, and clients could also raise up system customization suggestions which should meet their specialty and industry practice. The roled HENZ will be made available by CIRS technical support team to serve better in the specialized field.

  • Reduce compliance cost

    Traditional compliance work spends much in manpower, time and financial cost. After a relevant research conducted by CIRS research institute, Full substances declaration-HENZ solution would save 70% of cost than full testing method and is a better way for us to take precautionary measures before receiving non-compliant test results.

  • More than system

    CIRS has a team of more than 200 global specialists in chemical regulations, we provide services including not only IT system, but also regulatory compliance consulting, training and we welcome more cooperation in many other related fields.


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