• The Tools and home improvement Industry must pay enough attention to the EU REACH about its article compliance, especially for the control of substances of very high concern(SVHCs). Consumers in North Europe start to enquire the SVHC presence in articles via the official online tool. Retailors must offer the information within 48 hours. Statics shows that few retailers and distributers have the ability to offer this information. EU leading tools and home improvement retailers formulate their own SVHCs control standards. However, considering the language and cultural dissimilarity, efficient supply chain management becomes the obstacle to the performance.

    Challenges of supply chain

    International retailers tend to collect documentary evidence to investigate the SVHCs presence, for example, self-declaration and test report, whereas communication disorders have hindered the work. The challenges of chemical compliance are as bellows:

    1. Lack of regulation knowledge

      Manufacturers have a poor understanding of chemical regulations like EU REACH and RoHS, which constitute the most urgent problem. Suppliers feel like slighting over the documents, which covers up the truth of product compliance.

    2. A large sum of testing cost

      Due to the complicated structure of tools and home improvement products, laboratories usually provide test advice by homogeneous unit, which increases greatly the cost. And frequently updating regulations make it worse to conduct tests.

    3. Lack of knowledge of product split and material.

      Knowledge of product split and material is essential for both test item filtering and full substances notification. Unfortunately, this is what the manufacturers lack.

    4. Communication in supply chain.

      It usually takes the manufacturers six to twelve months to perform compliance and tests without an efficient tool because of the complex supply chain. Furthermore, it bothers the brands to prepare the various documents of Compliance, short for DOC.

    Chemical safety management compliance Solution

    1Goals and Service Value

    Nanjing CIRS is a leading global environmental compliance service provider and offers regulatory compliance solutions for electric and electronic industry targeting at:

    1. Helping suppliers have a better understanding of regulations and buyers’ requirements;
    2. Increasing knowledge of regulation, strengthen the awareness of regulatory compliance of supply chain;
    3. Design reasonable test solution to slash the test costs;
    4. Building raw material database to master the regulatory compliance of raw materials both produced and purchased
    5. Better communication in the supply chain
    2Overview of Chemical safety management compliance Solution

    For the Tools and home improvement Industry, establishing a full substance database is the best way for environmental compliance. Suppliers need to trace the material composition information back within the supply chain, no matter the material is homemade or purchased outside, so as to meet regulatory and buyers’ requirements. ECBOS system is the world's first full substances declaration tool for hardware and tool industry. The Solution by Nanjing CIRS assists manufacturers and brands to comprehensively implement the product compliance, cover the shortage of old methods, aiming at building inner product composition database and constantly and efficiently managing the chemicals in the hardware and tool for companies. The implementation of the solution involves the following basic steps:

    1. Impact analysis on regulations and customers’ requirements & training

      Nanjing CIRS deciphers relevant laws and customers’ requirements such as EU REACH, BPR and Packaging Directive for manufacturers and brands, and offers authoritative conclusions as well as provide regulation training service for suppliers in various forms.

    2. Product split and full substances declaration Training

      Nanjing CIRS will provide trainings on product split methods and basic material knowledge required by full substance declaration.

    3. Building raw material database

      The solution is based on ECBOS, a full substance declaration system, which helps companies manage and record the composition data and structure of products.

    4. Product safety analysis and documentary evidence preparation

      Product safety analysis and documentary evidence preparation is the most important part of the solution. Nanjing CIRS, by virtue of it authoritative regulation database, perform product safety analysis and prepare documentary evidences for companies to minimize the violation risk of raw materials.


    Nanjing CIRS has plenty of experience in global regulation decipherment and product safety management. Our team have maintained close tie with governments of countries in the world especially the governments of Asian-Pacific region and our services covers industries of furniture, construction materials, DIY tools, hardware, electric tool, protective equipment, etc.. The strengths of our solution are as bellows:

    • Build efficient and constant product composition management system for manufacturers and brands;
    • Avoid losses resulting from product safety;
    • Deciphers chemical regulations of destination country for companies to meet the requirements of downstream users;
    • Improve the compliance sense of suppliers so as to reduce the difficulty of communication.

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