• As is known to all, babies and children are the easiest victims of environmental violation, human beings therefore focus more and more on chemical risks caused by toys and children’s products, and strict safety regulations have been issued by countries and regions. According to the statistics, an average of 1/4 RAPEX recalls covers toys and children’s product, which brings challenges to toy manufacturers, importers and retailors. International buyers formulate their chemical control policies in the supply chain to perform product compliance. Unfortunately, it’s challenging to manage the complex supply chain efficiently for the different production processes.

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    Challenges of the supply chain

    At present, self-declaration and technical document collection are the companies’ favorite methods to comply with the environmental regulations, however, supply chain communication barriers make it hard to perform regulatory compliance. The challenges are as bellows:

    1. Lack of regulation knowledge.

      Manufacturers have a poor understanding of chemical regulations because of the language, regulation and custom differences, which becomes a barrier to toy compliance program.

    2. A long list of tests and onerous costs

      Test results are special for every single sample but not for products of a model. The frequently updating regulation makes it worse to conduct tests. As known to all, repetition tests bring unnecessary waste.

    3. Preparation of BoS (Bill of Substances)

      More manufacturers choose to demonstrate their chemical compliance by preparing BoS.But taking the product apart and collecting material composition badly

    4. Toy safety assessment

      According to the new Toy Safety Directive (2009/48/EC), companies are required to prepare technical documents and carry out toy safety assessment, which is really hard for companies because of incapacity.

    Toy and Children’s Product’s chemical safety management Solution

    1Goals and Service Value
    1. Increase knowledge of regulation and strengthen the awareness of regulatory compliance of supply chain;
    2. Quickly accomplishing the communication in the supply chain;
    3. Building raw material database to master the regulatory compliance of raw materials both produced and purchased;
    4. Building thousands of composition data models of components and materials for full substances claim;
    5. Perform toy safety assessment and prepare technical documents
    6. Design reasonable test solution to slash the test costs
    2Overview of Toy and Children’s Product’s chemical safety management solution

    The Toy and Children’s Product’s chemical safety management solution of Nanjing CIRS assists manufacturers and brands to comprehensively implement the product compliance, cover the shortage of old methods, aiming at building inner product composition database and constantly and efficiently managing the chemicals in the toys and children’s products for companies. The implementation of the solution involves the following basic steps:

    1. Impact analysis on regulations and customers’ requirements & training

      CIRS deciphers relevant laws and customers’ requirements for manufactures and brands, and offers authoritative conclusions as well as provide regulation training service for suppliers in various forms.

    2. Guidance on questionnaires, DOCs, full substances claim and IT tools implementation

      It’s the basis of consultancy service to quickly solve clients’ problems. Nanjing CIRS has a professional regulatory support team, who can help manufactures and brands use the full substances claim tools in a short time.

    3. Raw material database building and the substances claim performance

      The solution is based on ECBOS, a full substances claim system, which helps companies manage and record the composition data and structure of products.

    4. Solutions making of toy safety assessment and test

      Making solutions of toy safety assessment and test is the most important part of the whole solution. CIRS evaluates materials and substances of high risks, designs cost-effective testing method and makes efforts to eliminate the existing risks.

    5. Documentary evidence preparation

      CIRS would be glad to prepare documentary evidences for companies. As is required by 2009/48/EC, manufactures must prepare technical documents including manufacture information, product information, BOM & BOS, safety assessment, testing report, conformity statement, safety data sheet, etc.


    Nanjing CIRS has plenty of experience in global regulation decipherment and product safety management. Our team have maintained close tie with governments of countries in the world especially the governments of Asian-Pacific region and our services covers industries of stuffed toy, children care product, stationary, electronic toy, air-filled toy, etc.. The strengths of our solution are as bellows:

    • Build efficient and constant product composition management system for manufacturers and brands;
    • Avoid losses resulting from product safety;
    • Deciphers chemical regulations for companies to meet the requirements of downstream users;
    • Improve the compliance sense of suppliers so as to reduce the difficulty of communication.

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