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  • "We are very pleased you are working on system like that, and propagating this in China. I mean the more tracking of substances is done, the better it is safe and it gives information not just for the company involved, but also for us , for regulators, for being able to track where SVHCs are in our cities, and we would like to have an hand on this circle economy where you need to know where the substances are."

    ——— Geert Dancet, Executive Director at ECHA
    ECHA(European Chemicals Agency):
    ECHA is the driving force among regulatory authorities in implementing the EU's groundbreaking chemicals legislation for the benefit of human health and the environment as well as for innovation and competitiveness.
  • "Nanjing CIRS Customer oriented service is presented by both sales representatives and technical experts. No matter when we raised an inquiry, the answer would to be right there in time. Your good working dedication and professional knowledge were trustworthy"

    ——— Kelly Ma , Quality management system manager
    HCP Packaging Co.,Ltd:
    HCP Packaging Co.,Ltd is a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of prestige primary packaging containers for the cosmetics, skincare and fragrance industries.

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